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What We Do

Thank you for visiting our website! Web Design by SusieQ offers beautiful and affordable websites for small churches and small businesses including church associational offices and much more! We provide everything you need to own a professional website.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on web designs and wait several months on the programmers building your website. Getting your website up and going is not complicated or time consuming. We just need a little of your time in a short interview to get the information needed to build your website. Once we have all the information needed, we will begin designing your website.


Fees you will be responsible for:

Yearly Domain Name Fee - includes the initial purchase of your domain name for a year and yearly renewals thereafter (in some cases, there are options to have multiyear set-ups and renewals). This fee is from the company whom we purchase the domain through. Should you ever decide to leave us, your domain name can be transferred to the domain carrier of your choice or we can change the account information to your information. You own your domain and we merely manage it for you therefore we will set-up the domain in your name with our contact information so we can insure it will be renewed on a timely basis as needed. The yearly cost is appoximately $11 per year. Current pricing will depend upon the cost set by the domain carrier.

Yearly Web Hosting Fee: includes the initial purchase to set-up a web hosting account for a year and yearly thereafter for renewals (in some cases, there are options to have a multiyear set-ups and renewals). This fee is from the web hosting company and is payable to them by credit card through the internet. You may choose to pay that fee direct to them or through us. We will set-up the web hosting account in your church or business name with our contact information. The set-up of the domain to the web hosting company is a technical process so we prefer to set-up and maintain this for you. Should you decide to leave us, we will change the account information to your account information or you can use a web hosting company of your choice. Cost is appoximately $80 per year (additional price savings when you pay for multiple years). Current pricing will depend upon the cost set by the web hosting company.

One Time Design Fee - We charge a low cost design fee to design and build a new website for you. Once we get all the information needed from you, we will get started immediately in setting up and designing the website. The design of the site could take from a week to two weeks depending upon design layout request made from you. We desire to complete the work as quickly as possible. We will send you links for your viewing and make changes as needed. Once the website is up and running on the internet, the maintenance fee will need to be paid.

Yearly Maintenance Fee - We will do weekly changes to your website for a low cost maintenance fee. This maintenance fee can be paid on a quarterly, twice yearly,or yearly. We prefer the yearly fee. There will be a billing fee of $2.00 on quarterly billing cycles.

Re-Design Fee - We will charge a re-design fee should you decide that you want the color theme to change. If this is a simple change, the fee will be minimal. We will charge a re-design fee should you request a total re-design of the entire website to a new design layout and color theme.


All of our websites come with the following standard options:

Domain Name - As part of your subscription, we purchase and manage your domain name for you unless you would like to pay with a credit card which can be done over the internet directly to the domain name company. See information above concerning domain names.

Web Hosting - As part of your subscription, we set-up your domain on a web hosting server for you. You are responsible for the yearly web hosting fee. It can be paid by credit card to the web hosting company or we can process the set-up and renewal for you. The set-up requires technical knowledge, so we usually handle this detail for you. See information above on web hosting.

2-day business maintenance changes - In most cases, all changes requested by you will be done with-in 2 business days where possible. It is our desire to keep your website current in events. Should there be a time laps, we will inform you.

HTTP Streaming Media - All audio and video can be added to your site through a free transfer service that we will either set-up for you or give you the instructions to set-up on your computer. Internet service is required for this feature. There is a specific format the audio and video file must be in and we will work through these details with you one on one. We will also advice you as the equipment needed to record your sermons at your church. In some cases, we would be willing to come and set-up the equipment with you for a fee.

Available Options - We can add calendars, slide shows, announcements, links, page log counters, any PDF file links (sermon transcripts, facility map, what you believe documents, etc.), ministry pages, and much more.

Color Design and Layout - we will give you a choice of layout formats for you to choose from. We can customize most layout formats with a specific color theme and modify most all pictures to personalize with your picture choice.